Brightening Lives Activities

Welcome to the Brightening Lives Activity Resource Page!


Brightening Lives Activities are an exciting new way to support our Bright Space program and other organizations in your community. Bright Horizons employees, their families, center families, customers, clients, and community partners can come together to celebrate each other and make a difference.  

This site is designed to provide you with the information, forms, and links you will need to plan, organize, and host your Brightening Lives Activity. Thank you for creating a special event for children and families in your community and supporting the work of the Foundation.

Enjoy your Brightening Lives Activity, and if you have questions, please contact and include your name, center/school/department, and location in your email.

Thank you for supporting the Bright Spaces program!

Click here to view a short brainshark presentation: Brightening Lives Activities Overview

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This page will help you plan your Brightening Lives Activity with downloadable checklists and links to support sites and documents.

Click here to download and print this introduction:  Brightening Lives Activities – Introduction


  • Bright Horizons employees, families, clients and partners can participate in Brightening Lives Activities.
  • We have included an activity for younger children to do alongside the adults for each Brightening Lives Activity, so every event is family friendly!


  • Choose a designated 1-2 hour time slot to host a Brightening Lives Activity.


  • Choose an appropriate location to host a Brightening Lives Activity using our centers, offices, client spaces, or a community-sponsored venue.


  • The Brightening Lives Activities will be a time for food, fun, camaraderie, and learning.
  • Brightening Lives Activities are designed to make volunteering for local Bright Spaces or community organizations easier and more family friendly.
  • We have materials for volunteers to read and share about the issues of homelessness, trauma-informed volunteering, and advocacy, with additional resources to build on the connection between our Foundation work and our Bright Horizons Toward A Better World curriculum.  Find these resources on the “Education Resources” tab of this site.

**Bright Space Project Managers are available to assist you at any point.  Email

Next Steps: 

  1. View the “Idea Album” on Flickr and bookmark this Resource Page for easy reference.  Note that this is a continually growing resource so check back and remember to add your pictures after your event for others to see and learn from.
    • Flickr
      User name: brighteninglives
      Password: VolunteerEvent
  2. Identify your Agency Partner. This should be your local Bright Space or another community nonprofit organization that you want to support. If you are not connected to a specific Bright Space, contact the Foundation staff for help at
  3. Register your event through the “Registration” link on this site.
  4. Discuss the agency’s needs with them. This is very important. You don’t want to spend time gathering or creating something the agency does not need or want.  Use these questions to guide your conversation.
  5. Identify a team of people to help you host the Brightening Lives Activity.
  6. Decide date and time and send out invitations or evites.
  7. Gather donations or activity items or purchase them with donated funds.
  8. Create an agenda for the time you will be hosting the activity so everyone knows what to expect.
  9. Market the event to families, employees, clients, customer and partners.  Utilize the tools on the “Marketing” tab.
  10. Host the event.
  11. Take the items to the agency. If you have a Bright Space Connector, they should lead this effort.
  12. Send the Foundation the results – How many volunteers, what was your activity, etc.  Use the feedback form on the “After Your Activity” tab.
  13. Post your photos to Flickr (using the login above) for others to enjoy and learn from.  See detailed instructions on the “After Your Activity” tab.

Download and print: Brightening Lives Activities – Next Steps Checklist

Links to suppliers and vendors

Kits for Kidz

Consider ordering emergency kits  for children and families.

Why Knot Blanket Instructions

First Book

IBM Activity Kits

Download free kits on a variety of topics to use while volunteering with children and adults

Additional Ideas from Big-Hearted Families, a program of Doing Good Together, and Color a Smile.

Color a Smile

Big-Hearted Families

Here are some helpful links for managing volunteers.

Volunteer Spot

Sign Up Genius

Register your Activity with the Foundation


Marketing Your Activity 

Here you will find information you may need to help you market your activity including invitation ideas, how to capture your event, and photo releases.

Download to Edit: Invitation Template

Download to Edit: Poster

Brightening Lives Capturing Photos and Videos

Photo/Video Release

Brightening Lives Feedback form Please share, we find your feedback invaluable! 

Send a thank you note to volunteers within 10 days of the event.  Along with it, you might include a few photos taken at the event and during the delivery to agency and a “Certificate of Appreciation.”  Doing all of this in a timely manner is what they really appreciate.  Maintaining a great relationship makes your job easier in the years to come!

Download to Edit and distribute to your participantsCertificate of Appreciation

Thank you for taking the time and energy to host a Brightening Lives Activity. Your support of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children is appreciated, and this will help us brighten the life of a child.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Bright Space Connector, creating a new Bright Space, or adopting an existing Bright Space, please use this link to review the information on how to get involved.

Bright Spaces

If you have any questions about Bright Space involvement please contact us at