Bright Spaces®

A Special Place for Children

Many studies have shown that children who are exposed to early education, books, music, and developmentally appropriate toys and games, are far more likely to succeed in life than those who do not have access to educational opportunities.

The reality for the millions of children experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or other trauma is that there are fewer opportunities for them to develop the social, cognitive, language, and gross motor skills that are important for academic success.This has serious and long-lasting developmental outcomes, which often contribute to a cycle of instability that is difficult to break.

Bright Spaces, the signature program of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, creates and supports warm, enriching playrooms in community agencies that give children and families in crisis a special place to learn and have fun. Through innovative partnerships with Bright Horizons clients, local shelters, and community organizations, we build stimulating spaces equipped with overflowing bookshelves, games, toys, art supplies, computers, and more for children of all ages. With cozy nooks and comfortable furniture, Bright Spaces are designed to be engaging, comfortable places for children and families to play – a place to experience the joy of simply being a child or parent.

Bright Spaces might include:
• Language and music centers with great books and children’s music
• Educational games
• Soft toys and dolls
• Arts and crafts supplies
• Blocks and building materials
• Play areas filled with props and costumes
• Computers and activities
• Comfortable spaces for families

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