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Becky Bowman

Becky Bowman, Executive Director, bbowman@brighthorizons.com615-238-6048

What do I love most about the Foundation? We have the opportunity to change a child’s memory of what it was like to be homeless when we create fun, beautiful places to play in our Bright Spaces. I don’t think we can measure the impact of how important that is for a child. And I have the privilege of working with the best team of committed professionals including amazing Bright Horizons volunteers. See bio.

Carrie Cox

Carrie Cox, Database Administrator, carrie.cox@brighthorizons.com, 615-238-6058

My favorite thing about working for the Foundation is hearing the wonderful stories from our Bright Space volunteers and seeing pictures of all the smiling faces of the families who are enjoying them. See bio.

Donna Fair

 Donna Fair, Administrative Assistant, 615-238-6050, donna.fair@brighthorizons.com

I love knowing that we (The Foundation) are making the world a little “brighter” for children that are hurting. So much of who we become as adults, is rooted in our experiences as children. Being a part of bringing sunshine into a dark season of their lives is very rewarding. See bio.

 Jane Gibbons

Jane Gibbons, Bright Space Project Manager, jgibbons@brighthorizons.com617-673-8789

I love how the Foundation ties the whole Bright Horizons family of employees together for a common purpose. In one way or another, many of us come to Bright Horizons to impact the lives of young children and the Foundation allows us to take that passion into agencies where children and families need the resources that we can offer. See bio.

 Emily Harris

 Emily Harris, Foundation Development Manager U.K., emily.harris@brighthorizons.com

I love working for the Foundation because I believe passionately in our mission and want to make a difference to vulnerable children. See bio.

Ileen Henderson

Ileen Henderson, National Director of Bright Spaces, ileen.henderson@brighthorizons.com267-257-0221

I love the mission of the Foundation and am excited about working with wonderful people doing important work. See bio.


Julie Kelly, Bright Space Project Manager, julie.kelly@brighthorizons.com615-319-9080

I love working Bright Space teams and the Foundation staff. Bright Horizons employees have amazing ideas and passion about ways to create and stay connected with their Bright Space partners. The staff at the Foundation are fun, supportive and caring. It is a joy working with them every day. See bio.

 Jenny Malone

Jenny Malone, Senior Manager for Finance & Administration, jmalone@brighthorizons.com541-647-2958

I love the fact that the entire company of Bright Horizons Family Solutions is behind the Foundation’s work to support children and families.  Bright Horizons employees don’t have to “switch gears” when they volunteer for the Foundation. They are merely extending their skills and goals into their surrounding communities. It gives our work incredible immediate impact and success. See bio.

 Mark Mendel

Mark Mendel, President, markmendel@brighthorizons.com, 954-421-5077

I am committed to deepening the Foundation’s impact in the communities we serve. We don’t really have time to waste because each night, there are more and more children that need our help. See bio.

 Missy Pankake

Missy Pankake, Communications Director, mpankake@brighthorizons.com, 615-238-6056

As a communicator, I see my job as telling stories. I love being able to share great, personal stories, and the Foundation has some really wonderful ones! See bio.


Sheryl Umayam, Foundation Project Manager, sheryl.umayam@brighthorizons.com, 323-391-3863

Much of who we are stems from our experiences as children.  I’ve seen the difference between children who have a stable, encouraging, and nourishing environment and less fortunate children who do not.  I love and believe in the Foundation’s mission.  Every child deserves a happy childhood and the opportunity to reach their full potential, and our work helps make that happen. See bio.

 Tracy Wilkes-Green

Tracy Wilkes-Green, Bright Space Manager U.K., twilkes-green@brighthorizons.com

I am passionate about the difference we can make in such small but effective ways, I am amazed by the things our employees do to raise money and awareness, I am inspired by our partners and the work they do every day with Children and Families. Above all else I am motivated to make a difference to children’s lives. I love working every day with our employees to support them in their important and life changing work. See bio.

Board of Directors

Gary Head Shot 1

Gary O’Neil
U.S. Board Chairman, U.K. Board member
Senior Vice President of Employee, Community, and Partner Engagement 
Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Gary oversees the development of the tools, resources, and programs that support and enhance the partnerships with Bright Horizons’ more than 900 clients.  He provides strategic oversight to the Corporate Marketing Team and the Horizons Workforce Consulting practice.

Stephen Kramer
U.K. Board Chairman, U.S. Advisory Board 
President, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Stephen is responsible for Bright Horizons’ growth and operations outside the U.S. as well as Acquisitions globally.  He evaluates and leads the company’s efforts into new service and geographic areas.  Prior to his current role, he served as Managing Director, Europe.

 elizabeth boland

Elizabeth Boland
U.S. and U.K. Board Secretary and Treasurer
CFO of Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Elizabeth is responsible for the financial management of the company, including the implementation of financial policies and procedures and the development of a flexible infrastructure to support quality and growth.


Mandy Berman

U.S. Advisory Board, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Mandy joined Bright Horizons in 2005, and shortly thereafter she led the successful launch and subsequent growth of the company’s Back-Up Care Advantage program. She also oversees BUCA/Care Advantage and the company’s Broomfield Contact Center operations, operations in the Netherlands and IT.

 Mary Lou Burke-Alfonso

 Mary Lou Burke-Afonso

U.S. Advisory Board
Chief Operations Officer, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Mary Lou works with large and multi-site clients to expand, develop, and customize child care business strategies for their organizations as well as oversee the transition and acquisition of child care centers to be managed by Bright Horizons. She also oversees the general management of our College Coach services.

 Becky Bowman

Becky Bowman
U.S. Board 
Executive Director of the Foundation

Becky manages the day to day operations of the Foundation.  She has direct interaction with both Bright Horizons employees and volunteers of the Foundation as well as working with the Board of Directors to ensure the Foundation is meeting its mission statement, goals, and budget.

Dave Lissy

Dave Lissy
U.S. Board
CEO, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Dave is responsible for leading the company’s growth strategy. Dave serves as an executive resource to many of the company’s client partners and has helped to develop new and innovative services that meet the evolving needs of working families.

 Mark Mendel

Mark Mendel
U.S. Board
President, Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

Mark serves as the visionary leader for the Foundation and is responsible for the overall operations, fiscal integrity, and programmatic success of the organization. Ultimately, he seeks to ensure that the Foundation continues to help Bright Horizons employees fulfill the company’s mission of “making a difference in the lives of children and families in the communities where we live and work.”

 Denise Priest sm

Denise Priest
U.K. Board
Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Bright Horizons Europe

Denise provides leadership to our marketing teams, both business to business and consumer, and also to client relations and business development teams. .

 dave shaby

Dave Shaby
U.S. Advisory Board
Senior Vice President of Consumer Operations, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Dave is responsible for all strategic elements and implementation of consumer marketing, enrollment and retention programs, and pre-enrollment customer care for Bright Horizons. .

Leslie Spanier

Leslie Spanier
U.S. Advisory Board
Senior Vice President of Operations, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Leslie is responsible for the operational oversight of Bright Horizons child care center and schools located on the west coast, southwest, southeast, and mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.